Time Lapse 2012: Dynamism

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Time Lapse 2012 is finally here! Dynamism is the next “installment,” if you will, in my series of time lapse movies I’ve been releasing annually. I wasn’t able to branch out to as many locations as I wanted to for this year, however, I brought the DP Stage Zero dolly out quite a bit more to incorporate motion and increase depth in the time lapse imagery…which adds a great deal of fun and a challenging level of intricacy to creating these sequences. The sights, sounds, colors, and human interactions were better than ever…sunlight, moonlight, stars, rain, storms, conversations, and everything in between contributed to this year’s video.

Filmed primarily in gorgeous Ventura, California.

Cheers to the Vimeo time lapse community for support & inspiration, along with Dynamic Perception for their possibility-expanding dolly rigs. I do hope you enjoy the imagery and that it inspires you to get outside and absorb some nature!

My time lapse challenges for this year: Ambient audio from the field. MORE Star lapses – I want lengthy, tripod-jitter-free, flicker-free & dead-pixel-free time lapses of the good old Milky Way. I also plan to get some long-exposure, flicker-free time lapses involving the ocean because waves and tidal movements are often so hard to get looking smooth & pleasing to the eye in a time lapse. Also, less direct sunrises & sunsets and more of the magic hour light resulting from said sunrises/sunsets.

“Outlands” by Daft Punk
Tron: Legacy Soundtrack


Shot on Canon 7D & Canon 5D
Time lapse motion with Dynamic Perception’s Stage Zero Dolly

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