Launching 3, state-of-the-art, datacenters

Website design

Phase 1

Aspectus used a WSYWIG platform to quickly and cost effectively produce a temporary branded landing page to convert traffic driven by our initial PR activity whilst giving a flavour of the full website that was to follow in phase 2.

Phase 2

We designed and developed Stellium’s corporate website to coincide with the company’s launch and really make an impact. This was designed to showcase Stellium’s three state-of-the-art data centres and their global reach across networks.


Stellium is a high-end, three building data centre, located in Newcastle and acting as a vital connection point between US and European data. After creating the Stellium logo and a holding page for phase 1, we moved onto the design and development of the full website in phase 2.

The website captures key concepts of sci-fi, high-end delivery, interconnectivity, and all linking to the branded concept of constellations. This was achieved through the creation of a bespoke icon that made full use of overlaid dots and lines to represent both data connectivity and star mapping.

A fully interactive and bespoke map was incorporated to show Stellium's global reach

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