Employee benefits: do what you say, not say what you want

By Tamsin Jackson, Senior People and Experience Manager.

It’s easy to say things, but harder to do things.

This applies to most aspects in life, most aspects in the workplace, and especially most aspects when it comes to supporting employees.

Work today is often associated   with stressful situations, long hours, and a poor work-life balance. While stress will always exist – especially in fast-paced, agencies that are breaking new ground for clients and driving business results – here at Aspectus we are big believers that time is the single best thing for creating equilibrium between work and life and in turn keeping people mentally fit.

Here are just some ways we’re actively improving life for our Aspectees through our Life Benefits and Support package.

A dedication to mental health

“When I had gone through a difficult transition in my life, I had taken a day off to recollect myself which was absolutely necessary, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to focus on work at all. Everybody was completely understanding of my situation which I am forever grateful for.” – Morgan Emslie states.

Our industry has not had the best of reputations when it comes to the mental health and wellbeing of employees. It’s estimated that one in four people in the UK experiences a mental health problem each year, so it’s time to act.

We have signed the Time to Change pledge to end mental health discrimination. We also have our own charter and management training schemes as well as provide mental health training to all of our employees help us create a workplace that promotes positive mental health.

A commitment to flexible working

“Using core hours gives me the flexibility to create a better work/life balance like starting a bit later in the morning so that I can walk the dog in daylight or finish early to make evening plans.” – Melissa Jones.

We operate a core hour working day that gives our team the flexibility to do more in their personal lives. Whether it’s taking the kids to school or finishing early to catch up with friends, we encourage our Aspectees to do more of the things that mean the most to them.

Three-quarters of our staff take advantage of core hours, giving them that all-important work-life balance as and when they need it.

A promise to provide time off for exciting life changes

“Having a day off to move helped relieve stress and give me time to unpack and settle in before restarting work again in the new house. It really made a difference.” – Kelley Wake

“The generous paternity leave package allowed me to spend more time with my son than many new dads get to in the UK. Equally importantly, it allowed me to support my wife more in her maternity leave.” – Chris Bowman.

“Maternity leave was invaluable at making sure our family got the best start in life. But it was also the support from colleagues in the run up to maternity leave, and my transition back into the office environment (including defining my role and having a clear plan in place) that was well-thought out and reassuring. I felt completely supported at every step of the way.” – Shelley Bowdler-Olagbaiye

A wedding, a new home, the birth of a baby… These events are a cause for celebration.

Aspectees get up to two days off for a wedding or civil partnership, and up to two days off for a house move. This takes the pressure off, meaning they can relax and enjoy themselves a little more, without eating into their annual leave.

We provide maternity, paternity and adoption leave at 100% pay and we also offer shared parental leave, ensuring both parents can spend time with their new bundle of joy.

Staff also get the option to take a three-month sabbatical after five years of service. Whether they want to travel, learn a new skill or just have a well-deserved break, we’ll be ready to welcome them back when they return.

A pledge to protect against the unexpected

“I used life support when my dad had a motorcycle crash and broke some bones in his spine a few months back which was very much appreciated at the time as I was quite distracted.” – Brad Starr

“I took time off for my Grandpa’s funeral and to spend time with family. It’s great to have a policy around this considered way of operating.” – Alex Knight

While it’s great to offer time off for the happiest events in people’s lives such as moving house, engagements and weddings, it’s also vital to help in times of need too. If an Aspectee needs our support, we’re there to ensure they’re looked after.

For example, we offer up to 10 weeks of fully-paid leave for bereavement, which Aspectees can take at any time as grief can hit when we least expect it. If counselling is required, we’re there to cover the bill.

Proud to support our staff

We’ve put lots of time and thought behind the support we offer each and every one of our people. This has led to an incredible staff retention rate of 133% and nearly one-third of our team staying with us for over five years.

Our team makes us who we are, and we’re honoured to look after them.

It’s great to be recognised for the support we provide, and in March 2022, we were proud to be shortlisted by the PRmoments Awards for Integrated Agency of the Year/Best B2B PR Agency of the Year.

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