No doubt you’ve seen the coverage: ASOS has released a nifty new tool that shows customers how a dress might fit on them, before they buy it.

See My Fit uses augmented reality to offer a simulated view of how an outfit looks on a range of models with different dress sizes and body types.

We think this is brilliant. Not because of the coverage, but because it’s a wonderful example of what we call “considered creativity”.

Considered creativity is about applying maximum creativity to solve a communications problem – ruthlessly focused on results, without distraction, without fluff and without ego getting in the way.

In this case, ASOS is addressing a key drawback of online clothes shopping: the lack of changing rooms. Customers have no idea how something will look on them until they’ve made the purchase and tried it on.

The result? A constant stream of returns that waste customers’ time, cost ASOS money and spill excess carbon into the atmosphere. Not to mention the self-esteem hit that can come from clothes not fitting as you’d hoped and expected.

This AR application goes some way to solving these problems. Rather than relying on a flashy PR stunt to get attention, ASOS has made a well-considered and creative change to the customer journey that saves money and buys goodwill.

The attention still comes – because the brand has truly earned it.

Dan George is the creative director at Aspectus Group.


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