Mention the very word ‘Twitter’ to many senior business people and they turn a funny colour and start gabbling about all this social media nonsense and that it’s just NOT something they want.

Maybe, but that’s because they miss the whole point about blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the other manifestations of social media.

The simple fact is that, if run properly, social media programmes can increase your company sales and revenue. Social media isn’t just about brand recognition and customer satisfaction, it’s also an incredibly low cost and effective way of improving your search engine optimisation (SEO) and directing  quality leads to your website. Assuming you have your own website well optimised with keywords which are reflected in your PR output, tweets, blogs et al, then decision makers in  your target market will find you more frequently when they search on Google using words and phrases that mean something to both you and them.

This leads to sales enquiries, invitations to tender, requests for information.

It’s that simple. Social media activity improves your chances of being found by the very people you are trying to reach and engaging them in a two-way conversation.

Keep in mind of course that Google is, quite frankly, the only game in town right now when it comes to sourcing business information. Imagine trying to compile a tender or RFI list without it. PR content is the raw fuel that drives Google performance. We develop stories and content on behalf of our clients, generate coverage in the mainstream media and then we tweet, blog, bookmark and republish these stories, driving them round the social media networks again and again in different forms. The result? We deliver a vastly improved Google performance for our clients – getting key messages and coverage seen by a wider range of stakeholders, customers and prospects – which DOES result in business opportunities. What’s more, we can prove it.

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