A savings app as ambitious as you are

Fully integrated, multichannel campaign

Financial Services

Folio, a savings app designed to help millennials become money conscious and grow their savings, required an integrated campaign across digital and traditional media to build awareness of their crowdfunding campaign.

Once the campaign's messaging and theme were established, we created initial visual building blocks to ensure all channels were reflecting the crowdfunding campaign prior to launching the ad campaign. We did this by designing campaign specific social banners, a custom landing page on Folio's website as well as a bespoke, branded PowerPoint deck.

We then began developing the ad concepts. We chose evocative, aspirational photography to capture the chosen overarching messaging angle, ’the savings app as ambitious as you are’. Whilst keeping Folio’s brand and values clear through branded overlays and fonts, we also used CrowdCube’s branded colours for the calls to action to aid user journeys.

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