Aspectus PR has been selected by Evoco Energy to manage its maiden public relations campaign.

London, 7th March 2011 – Aspectus PR has been selected by Evoco Energy, the small-scale wind turbine company, to manage its maiden public relations campaign.

Evoco is the latest company to join Aspectus PR’s growing energy practice, which spans all aspects of the energy industry – including smart grid and cleantech, energy trading and risk management, consultancy, market structure and renewables. Based in West Yorkshire and established in 2007, Evoco specialises in the development of highly efficient, small-scale wind turbines for farmers, smallholdings and homeowners.

The introduction of the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT), which pays those choosing to generate renewable electricity on a small scale for every kilowatt hour of energy they produce, and for any surplus they export to the power grid, has created a dramatic shift in focus in the microgeneration market. Previously, microgeneration was viewed as a costly green endeavour, but the FIT has opened up the market as a real money spinner, presenting a whole new set of PR challenges and opportunities.

“Choosing Aspectus to run our first PR campaign was an easy decision,” said Ryan Gill, Managing Director, Evoco Energy. “Aspectus PR’s rock-solid credentials in the energy space gave us total confidence that the agency is well placed to support us as we grow our market position in the small-scale wind turbine space.”

In what has historically been a confusing market, Evoco strives to provide accurate, open and honest advice about the return on investment potential adopters of small-scale wind turbine technology can expect to see.

“We are thrilled to have Evoco join us as our latest energy client,” said Alastair Turner, Managing Director of Aspectus PR. “There are outstanding opportunities for Evoco to differentiate itself from its competitors and carve out a niche as a true market leader. With its open and honest approach, Evoco will find some great opportunities to grow its business, and we look forward to supporting the company as it stamps its name across the small-scale wind market.”

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About Evoco Energy

Evoco Energy is a specialist in next-generation small-scale wind turbine technology for rural regions, and is pioneering the field of wind microgeneration. Also known as ‘microwind’ technologies, small-scale wind turbines feature rotors aerodynamically engineered to turn wind energy into electricity. They do not interfere with livestock rearing or crop growth, making them ideal for farmers, and can be deployed on an unobstructed rural site as small as one acre – perfect for farmers, smallholders, homeowners and those with commercial property with additional land. Evoco has invested substantially in research and development, and owns a dedicated, state-of-the-art factory with capacity to deliver 5,000 high-quality small-scale wind turbines each year.

Unlike many other green start ups, Evoco Energy benefits from the financial backing of a well established parent company, Wiley Accessories, together with a network of trusted resellers. Evoco’s small-scale wind turbines are supplied with a 5-year warranty and a 20-year design life, and offer market-leading performance that has been independently verified by government-accredited agencies.

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About Aspectus PR

Aspectus is a business-to-business PR and marketing services consultancy, with a strong background in technology, energy and financial services.  Aspectus is a full-service agency offering media relations, marketing strategy, event management, market research, direct marketing and creative services. It provides targeted, intelligent, strategic and creative campaigns that push all the right buttons with the right people. For more information, please visit:

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