Once upon a time there was Wine Friday, where, at the end of every week, we got together, shared stories, had laughs and drank wine. Then one day, Wine Friday was hijacked by a team that had done such an exceptional piece of work that they blew the budget and turned it into Champagne (Jaeger Bomb) Friday.

After that, we thought, “let’s give our people the chance to showcase their amazing work each week over a glass of their chosen drink”. Wine Friday became I-choose-the-drinks-because-I-am-so-great-at-my-job Friday. But because we are so good at branding we realised that wasn’t catchy enough… The Hijack was born.

Not to be outdone, the US created their own version…the Shout Out.

Here are some of our Hijacks and Shout Outs. Don’t they make you proud?!

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