Written by Nicole Lombardo

Learning how to properly take a break from work is a goal that many (if not all) professionals strive for. With technology keeping everyone connected, it can be difficult to detach when you need a break. However, if you follow these handy hints they can help you separate from work and enjoy your time away to recharge your batteries.

Prepare Your Team

Being able to take time off from work starts and ends with your team. Working collaboratively as a team helps ensure client work is handled while you take time off. Developing a handover note is a great way to help your team keep track of tasks that need to be monitored or completed in your absence. Give your coworkers all the detail they need on current activity, upcoming deadlines, and actions that need to be completed. Set up a meeting to discuss it before you go, and be so thorough that your client won’t realise you are gone!

Block out your calendar

In preparation for your return, block out some time on day one to allow yourself to get back up to speed. At Aspectus we don’t expect people to trawl through a week (or more if you are lucky!) of emails. Teams send handy emails summarising what’s been going on while you have been out. It saves time and is another way of showing your coworkers you care.

Turn Off Email Notifications

Then when your vacation begins, turn off the pop-up email notifications on your phone. Out of sight out of mind! If you are not being constantly reminded of activity on each of your accounts, you will have a better chance of relaxing.

Enjoy Your Rest and Relaxation

The final and most important step, is to enjoy your time away. If you have followed the above you can breathe a sigh of relief because you know that you can trust your team to handle actions for you while you are away and you won’t be constantly reminded of work that is going on. Take this time to relax and recharge your batteries so you can return to work refreshed. Making sure you rest and have a healthy work-life balance will only better your overall well-being.

Working in a demanding industry can take its toll. The ability to truly take a break, allows a communications professional to stay healthy, enjoy their job and in turn produce great work to be proud of.

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