When our offices in London, Aberdeen and NYC closed back in March 2020, our global workforce swapped the office for spare bedrooms and kitchen tables. It might have had its challenges – namely dodgy wifi and the occasional Zoom-interrupting child – but we’re proud of how we’ve supported our people through this time and how well they’ve adapted to remote working. 

For a glimpse into the last six months, we asked our team how they’ve found working at home through the pandemic. Here’s what some of them had to say 

Kanayo Agwunobi – Senior Account Executive 

“Holding meetings with clients while smelling mum’s cooking from downstairs isn’t how I pictured adulting to be. After just six months in my first job, I swapped Friday drinks in the City for virtual happy hours on Teams. I’d say working from home has been a success, we’ve continued to deliver great work for clients, and I feel closer to the team than ever. We are in the business of adapting, after all.” 

Kelley Wake – Digital Account Manager 

‘When London went into lockdown, Aspectus flew me home to be with my family in South Africa. I don’t believe there are many, if any, companies that show that kind of genuine care and support to their employees. What could have been a very lonely and scary time, has instead been a time of massive growth, not only for my own skills and role development but for the digital team as a whole. Over the last six months, we have grown faster than we ever have and delivered some of our best work yet. We’re all super excited about what is to come and cannot wait to see each other again! This wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing support from Aspectus and the incredible culture it fosters. Employees truly do come first!’ 

Chris Bowman – Strategy and Content Director 

“I can’t believe we’ve been working from home for six months. In many ways, we’ve not skipped a beat. We still have new clients and new hires coming in, and in a funny way the uptick in video calling makes me feel like we’re more connected to some people than before. Different people will have different experiences and some have no doubt had a tough time, but I’ve relished the better work/life balance (no commute), the chance to have lunch every day with my wife, and the availability of emotional support cats when times get stressful. It’s a testament to the agency’s culture of trust and self-responsibility that it’s worked so well.” 

Danae Quek – Senior Account Manager 

“When I started this job in January 2020, I didn’t think I’d be spending nearly six months working from home but that hasn’t hindered the Aspectus culture at all with global working drinks, virtual pub quizzes and team catch-ups. Best part is we’ve continued to deliver great work and results for our clients despite the circumstances.” 

Michael House – Global Head of Technology 

“Our second boy Attie was born at the start of lock down., I’ve become quite used to him cooing next to me in his bouncer while I type away or hold internal meetings. It also helps his nursery is the place I have set up my office (due to a well-placed window ledge which acts as my desk!) I do, however, need to ensure I can quickly blur my background if he’s plonked on the changing table when I am on a client call! While childcare and home working can best stressful, I’m grateful to have this time with Attie.  When our firstborn arrived I was doing a three-hour commute, I now have much more time to spend with the family at home.” 

Kylie Souder – Senior Account Executive 

“I’ve found working from home to be a really relaxing and personal environment as I can take quick breaks from my busy schedule to take a walk, make some lunch, grab a coffee or tidy up my tiny Brooklyn, New York studio. Aspectus has really given me the opportunity to create a schedule that works best for me and my new lifestyle during this transitory period. My managers and colleagues are extremely respectful of our need to log off for 30 minutes if things are feeling too stressful or I need to address something in my personal life and be communicative with the team on timelines and expectations. The ability for transparency, camaraderie and understanding of mental health considerations during this time is so appreciated and reflective of Aspectus’ culture as a whole.” 


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