Lead generation and marketing automation for the world’s largest operator of financial derivatives exchanges. 

CME wanted a direct email campaign to educate its two core audiences on why they should be trading contracts with CME and to encourage them to trade with CME.  



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Our Approach

CME Group had two audiences. One was its existing database of contacts who had previously expressed an interest in trading on one of CME’s exchanges. The second was the traders who had never previously considered CME. It’s not a unique problem, but it does require a unique solution each time.  Our Energy specialists got to work with our lead generation experts and creative copywriters to put together campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We developed an email nurture stream split into four stages to accelerate both audiences down the funnel. Each phase served different and relevant content and got more hands-on at each stage. We aligned our user sequence to CME Group’s lead-scoring framework to accurately qualify when a lead had successfully reached status of Marketing Qualified Lead. 

Results we’re proud of




Active traders


Higher open rate than the industry average

All in the details

Highly Personalized  

Using five online channels, we engaged a global audience using personalized messaging and artwork.  

Highly Targeted Audience   

Due to smart targeting, only valuable and engaged audience segments were entered into the email campaign leading to only one opt-out.  

Increased Engagement  

Nearly 90 percent of all prospects completed the program, showing high interest in trading with CME in the future. 

Sales Activations 

The campaign delivered dozens of qualified leads, four of whom converted to active traders. 

“We’re always happy with the copy Aspectus provide and get great feedback from the teams internally. They get the subject matter, and they get marketing – just what we need in an agency.”

Tiffany Bryant
Senior Marketing Specialist, CME Group

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