New York City

Job Purpose

Responsible for coordinating PR campaigns in accordance with the PR strategy, ensuring agreed deliverables are met, and supporting the senior staff in the planning of campaigns. Client management is a critical part of the role, as is supporting senior staff in managing account executives and other team members. Actively involved in all aspects of new business, the account manager also focuses on advancing his/her own leadership, people management, and PR skills. Responsible for retention and overall account and campaign management of agreed-upon account set.

Account Management Responsibilities

  • Act as a contact to clients, continually fostering client-agency relationship to build trust and become a valuable resource
  • Maintain current knowledge of clients’ business, industry, and related verticals; keep abreast of market developments and impact on clients; implement PR strategy
  • Manage 3-4 accounts on average, overseeing day-to-day activities of Account Executive and Assistant Account Executive
  • Develop programs and collaborate effectively with teams
  • Use metrics and analytics to build a business case, provide insight and counsel to clients
  • Stay abreast of trends and client competition; seek opportunities to contribute to client retention/growth
  • Produce high quality written material and demonstrate a high level of proficiency in all areas of collateral – including articles, presentations, proposals, etc.
  • Work with senior staff to develop plans in accordance with the assigned budget
  • Designate accurate deliverables upon which the performance of the team can be measured effectively.

Media Relations Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute feature stories as well as product placement opportunities in a variety of print, broadcast and digital outlets
  • Work with top-tier media including proactive pitching and relationship management
  • Be an avid reader of publications in your practice area
  • Effectively manage coverage campaigns – such as features, review programs etc.
  • Serve the media to the highest professional standards
  • Meet with 4 – 5 journalists in person each month.


  • Display and encourage creativity and innovation in self and others. Actively participate in and organize brainstorms, connect with creative resources, inspire and motivate team members
  • Communicate clear direction to junior staff. Provide direction to junior level team members including delegation, delivering feedback, and project management
  • Oversee junior staff on designated accounts; ensuring deadlines are met and that staff is producing high-quality work.

Business Development

  • Leads new business ventures with the team, and develops tailored media plans for prospective clients based on individual needs
  • Take the initiative to seek new business opportunities, both from current and new clients; present ideas to senior managers
  • Identify new business prospects, book at least four new business meetings a year
  • Close or help to close new business opportunities through development and execution of presentations and proposals. Close at least $50,000 of new business each year
  • Help develop new business proposals and presentations
  • Drive cross-selling of Aspectus PR’s capabilities with existing clients
  • Take advantage of internal and external networking opportunities to enhance the visibility of Aspectus PR.

Aspectus Career Development and Culture

  • Be an active member of the Aspectus US PR team
  • Regularly contribute to Aspectus blog, Intelligence section, and Aspectus PR’s social media activities
  • Regularly contribute content to Aspectus Twitter accounts
  • Engage in Aspectus US Buddy System to cultivate relationships with all colleagues and develop relationships with London colleagues and executives
  • Be an active Aspectus brand ambassador
  • Embrace a full understanding of the Aspectus PR culture


  • Demonstrate an interest in and aptitude for the financial operations of Aspectus as a public relations agency
  • Manage financial operations for client accounts; oversee creation and ongoing monitoring of program budgets
  • Ensure billing accuracy and timeliness
  • Demonstrate the ability to explain billing and invoices to clients; demonstrate financial accountability to clients
  • Allocate staff to maximize utilization and account profitability
  • Understand the founding principles of account group’s overall business plan, and role in helping to achieve its strategic goals

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