Written by Tamsin Jackson

After attending Global Offshore Wind recently, it’s hard not to sense the positive breeze in the air. And this breeze is only set to get stronger.

The UK offshore wind industry recently revealed an ambitious 2030 vision. Some of these targets include a £48 billion investment in UK infrastructure, a five-fold increase in export value to £2.6 billion a year, and the creation of 27,000 skilled jobs. All of this means a £2.4 billion a year reduction in total electricity system costs across the UK, reducing prices for consumers.

If this deal goes to plan, a third of the UK’s electricity will be generated by offshore wind by 2030. A recent report even revealed that if communities and residents get behind the potential of offshore wind, it could provide 20 times more power than what is needed for the current human population.

When compared to its fossil fuelled counterparts, the carbon footprint of wind is miniscule. And its installed capacity is growing at a rate of over 10 per cent annually with this trend expected to continue. So when it comes to sustainable energy, the opportunity for wind is huge, and it is – quite literally – blowing the competition away.

If you are to look beyond the wind farm developers themselves, there is also a tremendous opportunity for a wide variety of British businesses. Think of all the other products and services that come with the development of offshore wind, from subsea cable suppliers, to transformer liquids, to a host of offshore engineering expertise developed for the UK’s North Sea. Even drones, used for the inspection and monitoring of turbines, stand to be part of making wind a success story, despite not traditionally being a renewable energy player.

For these companies, now is the time when they need to be seen as part of the conversation, or they may miss out. Business success can often come from visibility and recognition. And strong brand awareness can attract investment, drive business growth and help to attract the best talent. So, to become a leading voice, it will be important to get under the skin of your audience and find out what makes them tick.

This could include anything from reorienting your organisation’s messaging, to repurposing existing company content for new channels. This will not only strengthen the usefulness of the content but also generates organic interest, making sure the content reaches as many people as possible.

So, whether it’s turning an article into a blog series, or boosting underperforming content with SEO and keyword research, increasing visibility will also help boost credibility.

In an industry like renewable energy, credibility is going to propel you forward and enable you to stand out.

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