Written by Zoe Poxon 

We’re living in a world that’s getting smarter by the day. Our phones tell us which Italian restaurants are nearest and advise us on the busiest times to avoid the gym. Heck, even scanning my supermarket points card guarantees some form of marketing telling me the bargains I ‘might be interested in’ for my next Sunday shop.

Considering the vast capabilities of the technologies we work with today, it’s no surprise that the conversation in digital marketing revolves heavily around trends, metrics and statistics. Somewhere behind the scenes, technology is learning all about our interests, behaviours, preferences and more. But whilst these are all important, there are other, human, elements within a marketing role that can’t be replaced.

Things computers do that add value to marketing

  • Fortune telling. We rely so heavily on technology that it’s now clever enough to know what we’re going to do before we even do it.
  • Think fast, act fast. The data-driven marketing world works in a matter of milliseconds.
  • Multitasking. Out with old-fashioned snail mail and postal surveys, in with multi-channel campaigns with clear objectives and real-time analytics.

Things humans do that add value to marketing (and can’t be replaced – at least not yet!)

  •  Strategy. Before the ‘launch’ button is hit, humans come up with the ideas, strategy and purpose.
  • Common sense. What seems obvious to humans needs to be proven numerous times to a computer.
  • Experience. We have an understanding of products, competitors, industries and more.

We should be shifting the conversation from freaking out about all the things technology is ‘taking over’ to talking more about how humans can complement these advancements in tech. AI and big data have had a profound impact on marketing, but let’s not forget that it’s been (mostly) positive. For example, thanks to new technologies we can understand our audiences better than ever, which allows us to establish a more emotional and human connection with them.

The Aspectus digital team uses online technology and tools on a daily basis, and I’m happy to admit they’ve helped us save time and become more efficient, meaning we have more time to focus our human efforts in other areas of our roles where it matters most.

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