Written by Heather Schindler 

Last fall, I accepted my first full time job after college as an Assistant Account Executive with Aspectus Group. I quickly learned that nothing can fully prepare you for the wild world of communications, and so the past few months have been full of new experiences. Whether you’re a recent grad or mid-career, here are some thoughts on what to expect when taking on this industry for the first time.

Prepare to hit the ground running. Communications is a fast-paced field, and so you’ll likely be given lots of real, important work from day one. While this can be intimidating, it’s a great opportunity to learn a lot and gain experience quickly. At a medium-sized (but growing!) agency like Aspectus, even the most junior employee has to do whatever it takes to deliver results for clients, so I found myself writing pitches and running media briefings two weeks in. Immediately taking on meaningful work helped me gain skills and confidence, and now many of these tasks feel easy.

Variety will be the name of the game. At an agency you’ll have a number of clients, so every day you will be dealing with different subjects and tasks. This can be a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to become familiar with different industries, media markets, and tactics. So always be curious and open to the unexpected. Aspectus works with a diverse range of companies, so I have learned more than I ever thought I would about everything from impact investing to cryptocurrency. I’m glad that the job has exposed me to these and other relevant topics.

Make friends with the old and new. The communications field is constantly evolving, so don’t expect to only perform set tasks you may associate with the job. I always thought of social media as a separate area, but Aspectus is an agency that prides itself on using cutting-edge tactics so I help clients with it almost daily. However, there are some duties that will always be integral to a communications job, such as writing content. I encourage you to be as open to these traditional tasks as you are to the flashy, innovative ones.

Don’t forget to have fun! Starting in a new industry can be daunting, but why can’t it also be exciting? If you’ve always wanted to work in communications, I promise that actually doing it will live up to your expectations. Plus, if you end up somewhere like Aspectus that offers summer Fridays, free food and other perks, you’ll have even more reasons to be happy at work.

While you’ll be exposed to high-level tasks, variety, and new tactics at any agency, you’ll have the most exposure early in your career if you work at a medium-sized agency that specializes in a few different sectors, like Aspectus. Conveniently enough, Aspectus is always interested in hearing from promising job candidates. Visit our website to learn more, or get in touch by emailing opportunities@aspectusgroup.com.

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