Written by Megain Buchan

The first Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) took place on May 18th 1969 in Houston. It aimed to aid in the dissemination of knowledge about our oceans and the riches they hold. Topics included subsea operations, protection of offshore structures, communications and computers. Sound familiar? Fast-forward 50 years and the conversation is the same, but different.

Subsea operations are still very much on the agenda, but now the sector is creating the subsea factory of the future. Instead of discussing how to protect offshore structures, the industry is looking at ways to advance them to operate in harsher, more complex and deeper water environments. Computers? Now digitalisation is taking hold. And it’s not just oil and gas anymore, offshore renewables are making an appearance in the conference programme too.

And the sentiment of the same but different is also true of communications. Brand still matters, it’s the essential starting point for all communications. It’s vital to tell a compelling story. Technical clarity is always key. And most importantly you need to be in the right media that influences your target market.

So, what’s different?

Digital communications are now the norm – the growth of online news, social media and search engine optimisation. Nowadays, we all log on to register for the next ‘must attend’ event, catch the latest industry news and read opinion pieces on LinkedIn that provoke discussion.

So, when a prospect hears from you, the first place they’re going to look is Google. And what happens when they get there? What impression do the search results give potential customers? Do you look like a credible supplier who is going to be around for a long time?

Now is the time for organisations to make sure they are communicating their heritage, progression and success in the right way. The crux of conversation topics may be the same, but they’ll always be evolving. Are your communications doing the same? Or are you stuck in a rewind of 1969?

At Aspectus Group, our expert team, creative ideas and unique results-based approach make investing in communications simple. We build and execute strategies that enable companies to carve a share of voice and lead the conversation in their sectors to build their brand, increase sales, attract investment and support growth.

Our oil and gas team will be at OTC learning how the industry plans to advance over the next 50 years. Do you want to be part of the conversation? Get in touch.

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