Written by Alastair Turner

Everyone has backstories and goes on journeys these days. Our route has been quite the roller-coaster but boy, what a ride.

We are 10 years old later this year. And while I’d love to say we have fulfilled a decade-long plan, we were initially concerned with making it from one year to the next. The mantra as we sat in our windowless, serviced office cupboard was to do good work and have fun. As we huddled around the (pink) garden furniture, our main motivator was to get to an office with windows. Little did we know where that simple mantra would take us…

We have a serious aversion to trumpet-playing, but we are proud of our achievements while being extremely mindful, as well as excited, by the scale of the task of sustaining and growing what we have built. And with a number of people celebrating their 10 year work anniversaries, plus a handful over halfway there, perhaps that ‘do good work and have fun’ chant has delivered workplace transcendence after all?

Another thing we are wary of is retrospection. ‘Learnings’, of course, are good and help us improve the service we offer. But we are all about the now and thinking about the future so that we maintain all the good things about Aspectus as we become a more substantial company.

At our most recent company day we added more signage to that road. And I am delighted to report that maintaining our unrelenting focus on being a great place to work won’t be changing. Indeed, it’s a one of our main guides. So we were delighted to be recently shortlisted for the second year in a row in the media employer of the year awards.

But of course lots of things are changing. And that is the great thing about our profession. It’s a never-ending Catherine wheel of change. Illuminating and entrancing it never stops moving. Without doing them a disservice, when an accountant does an audit, they are applying the same rules again and again and again. And I am sure it’s the same in other professions. With us, every day is different, every idea original and almost every advancement in digital technology provides opportunity for us and our clients. There is always something new. So although we celebrate 10 years this year, our journey will never be finished. It can always be better. And while having a plan for the next 10 years and a target is undoubtedly a good thing, to paraphrase Indiana Jones “It’s not the destination, honey. It’s the journey.”

And it’s the quality of that journey that I think best measures success. Our journey has seen a business grow and adapt to meet the needs of its people. We have seen 10 marriages, five engagements, 13 children and grandchildren, 1 new British citizen, 3 people relocating to other countries, 1 boomerang employee and more than 10 first jobbers, and remain friends with those who are taking different routes. A business that has become known as THE place to go within its specialist sectors, that has successfully expanded into new geographies and embraced, indeed, led the thinking on the use of disruptive technology within communications. All while managing to embrace everything it has experienced along the way including seemingly ever-present economic firestorms.

So yes, proud to be still standing after 10 years and to be among the fastest growing and (now largest) businesses doing what we do…

…satisfied, yes, to be one of the most progressive, fully integrated, agencies bringing a new kind of communications to our sectors and supporting our clients’ business to grow through measurable return on ideas…

…but above all else, exhilarated about the road ahead, the new experiences we will need to adapt to, and the people we are going on that journey with.

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