Written by Ellie Smith

Trick or Treat?

Love it or hate it, Halloween is upon us.

Whilst there are those that have been brainstorming ideas for a killer costume since last November, others seem less inclined to tradition – ah yes, the joys of trick or treating: masked miscreants knocking on your door and disturbing your evening, all in quest for a bite-size mars bar.

However, no matter which team you find yourself on, have you ever noticed that there are valuable comms lessons to learn from this annual day of terror?

How to come back from the dead

It’s never too late to revive your social media comms strategy.

A decade ago, most B2B firms were scared by the social web. While most businesses can now be found on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, these days, just ‘being’ on social media isn’t enough.

Different generations are using different social media platforms: you need to know where your audience are and what kind of media they respond to best in order to engage them effectively.

With the accelerating pace of new technologies, the popularity of video content and the rise of influencer marketing, now is the time for all businesses to think seriously about less utilised platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Don’t get left in the dark.

Dressing things up isn’t always the best idea

Everyone loves to look the part on Halloween – just make sure you can deliver on what lies beneath.

At a time when fake news dominates our headlines, authenticity has become the ultimate communications currency. Increasingly, in a social age of unprecedented consumer empowerment, businesses that understand how to engage honestly with their audience are being rewarded – now is not the time to be leaving skeletons in your closet.

A good place to start is by staying true to your core values – authenticity is not only a measure of being honest, but of how businesses treat their customers and deliver on their promises. In light of recent bloopers from the likes of Uber, Dove and Pepsi, customers are demanding greater transparency, integrity and responsibility from businesses than ever before.

Standing out from the crowd

If anything, Halloween teaches us to get those creative juices flowing.

Those hours spent putting together your last-minute DIY costume certainly weren’t for nothing – being resourceful, innovative and having original ideas can also be applied to your communications strategy.

Whether it’s providing a unique angle on a topical industry issue, coming up with an inventive way to present information, or completely re-designing your website, creative content is a great way to cut through the marketing hocus-pocus that customers are subjected to on a daily basis.

Tonight, whether you find yourself stocking up your sweet cupboard or barricading your front door, take a moment to remember that there’s more to Halloween than you might originally think.

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