Written by Louise Douglas

All Energy – that’s just what it was, full of energy… well almost. What a heart-warming experience, to be surrounded by such advanced technologies that ten years ago might not have existed. And on home soil too. Who knew that you would be able to print solar panels and wind farms would be floating on our seas? That cables could reach 66kV in offshore conditions? Passion for such innovation and fresh ideas really shone through at the event itself.

But, there was a slight and sobering sting to the enthusiasm.

The disappointment at the lack of funding for the renewables sector seeped through like a tickling dry cough, in the throats of many. With the discussion of projects going limp, it was hard not to ignore the frustration. So many businesses with great concepts and designs being stopped in their tracks due to the lack of investment in the sector.

In any industry or business, an investment in communications has to be made in order to get your message out. Whether it’s trying to recruit some fresh faces into the clean tech world, or highlighting a new product to your target audience. It allows you to be recognised in the correct markets and ensures momentum – to keep up, or even jump ahead of the feisty competition.

Without it, you face being left behind.

As a prime example, the UK has fallen behind in EY’s latest attractiveness index for investment. The UK now ranks in tenth place when just four years ago it was in fourth place globally. However, the UK has developed one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world and there’s been an increase in jobs by 117,000 this year.

The UK has a lot to shout about! So why has this not been the case? A positive communications campaign can change perception and show success, bringing with it new investors.

The UK has such a great portfolio of energy achievements, it would be sad to see these not gain the recognition they deserve. To step up that ladder and join countries like China and India in their global renewable success. Events like All Energy are essential for establishing the tone of the industry as it stands now and what the outlook is for its future. But without a commitment to communicating the right messages to those who can drive direction and inject change – the tickle in the throat could turn into a full blown cold.

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