By Sofie Skouras

We all know the story of Adam and Eve.

CyberSecurityBlog1Eve eats the forbidden fruit after being deceived by the serpent. Adam then follows suit. Next thing you know God has cursed the serpent and the ground, creating the present world full of injustice and suffering. Goodbye Paradise.

Now let’s imagine this happened in today’s world.

CyberSecurityBlog2Instead of the Garden of Eden, Eve is based in a local business park in Kent and works for a tech company. She gets an email one day that looks like it’s from her boss, reading: “Action this immediately” with a link below.

Of course, like any diligent employee she does so. Eve then turns to her colleague Adam asking if he got the email and letting him know she’s looking into it, he then, also clicks the link.

Turns out, the email was actually a serpent and now a cyber criminal has access to their company’s systems.

CyberSecurityBlog3This story is a growing problem affecting many businesses. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, 86% of cyber attacks on their small business members were due to social engineering tactics such as phishing and spear phishing whereby criminals con or blackmail people into sharing information or doing tasks to help them execute the crime.

Interestingly, it’s not as if there aren’t any solutions to this problem. In fact, there are thousands of cyber security companies trying to prevent this very issue.

The problem is there are too many out there.

Due to the sheer mass of solutions available it can be difficult for businesses to know where to look. This leaves them blurry eyed on the dilemma and results in people just praying it doesn’t happen to them.

But business cannot afford to be sweeping the problem under the carpet anymore. Cyber attacks whether big or small are a regular item on the news agenda, and no-one is safe anymore. So how can cyber security companies sharpen potential customers’ vision and engage them?

Through creative communications.

There is a lot of noise in the cyber security space, making it tricky for players to stand out. The answer is bold and innovative comms campaigns to cut through that noise and successfully target their key audiences.

The key to success is an integrated campaign. Start with engaging content (whether that be written articles or a sharable visual), which is then pushed out to relevant media and appropriate channels – such as LinkedIn Pulse and Medium blogs. And lastly, ensuring your SEO is up to scratch. So when a prospective customer searches for a solution, your company is ranking high on Google’s results.

The reality is there will always be people – like Adam and Eve – who fall victim to the traps of cyber criminals. And as technology becomes more sophisticated, the challenge only increases. Therefore it’s important cyber security companies are doing all they can to grab the attention of their customers.

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