It’s very hard to be a genuine all-rounder – a brilliant strategist, writer, creative brain, digital expert and media relations whizz. But that’s okay. A team that blends and focuses on people’s positives – allowing individuals to play to their strengths and skills and to specialise in different segments of the value delivery chain – is more efficient, more productive, and more fun to work with.

Many agencies take a flat, generalist approach to team structures, expecting everyone to be responsible for all aspects of the value chain; the structure is simply hierarchical rather than skills-based. This is counter-productive. It takes people away from what they do best – wasting some real talent and putting good client service second to narrow-minded dogma over what it means to be a communications professional.

On the other hand, teams made up of people focused on delivering around their specialist skill-set may be bigger but tend to be more effective and able to cover more ground – and deliver better results.

At Aspectus, our attitude is that you may be a lousy manager of people but brilliant at what you do, and that’s fine because we want to harness that brilliance – and we already have plenty of brilliant people managers who can help you focus your efforts.

If you’re a specialist, with real skill and a passionate interest in what you do, you may be called a geek. But don’t freak. Who wouldn’t want a team of geeks working for them!?

If you have a very particular set of skills you can find out more about how we work or see our current vacancies here.

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