Written by Megain Buchan

As the oil price hovers at around $50 a barrel, oil and gas operators are now looking at the next phase of the North Sea sector – decommissioning. This is an area that could provide new opportunities for the industry. The UK has the potential to become a global centre of excellence in decommissioning, which could provide a substantial source of revenue for some time to come.

Recently, I was at an event hosted by Finding Petroleum, which took a deeper look into decommissioning in the North Sea. On average, it takes about eight years from planning to final decommissioning and Oil and Gas UK’s current estimation is that between £30 billion and £60 billion will be spent in the sector in the next 30 years. This estimation has trebled over the last six years.

This fledgling sector offers real opportunities to oilfield service companies. Oil and Gas UK states that between now and the mid-2050s around 470 platforms, 5,000 wells, 10,000 kilometres of pipelines and 40,000 concrete blocks will have to be removed from the North Sea.
However, as the decommissioning industry grows, many companies will be vying for a share of the prize. Timing is key. There is a window of opportunity and it is now.

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