Written by Rosie Williams

The digital revolution and the age of the smartphone have split the B2B event audience in two. There are now two distinct demographics. Let’s imagine them as individuals – John and Jack. In fact, I reckon you probably know people just like them…

John has been coming to your event for years. He’s a signed-up lifer, who doesn’t need convincing.

Jack’s a different sort. He views the world through his smartphone, has been in the industry for a few years and is looking for new ways to learn, connect and develop. He needs to be convinced of the benefits of attending your event.

Tapping into this demographic means updating your content strategy. Jack cannot be attracted by the humble mailer – in fact his junk mail box is full to brimming. He’s on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. He’s also flicking through Instagram and Snapchat, skimming blogs and watching videos on YouTube.

The way to attract Jack is across these platforms using various types of snackable, sharable content – including video, gifs and other multimedia. On these 24/7 social platforms communications is fast and competitive, so messages have to be relevant, brave and engaging to get noticed.

Good content on these platforms has the power to attract the attention of new audiences. One click at a time, good content can drive people to engage with your event.

At Aspectus, we’ve been working with PennWell’s POWER-GEN Europe – the continent’s largest event of its kind – for six consecutive years, delivering integrated, cross-platform campaigns to its audiences throughout Europe. We’ve driven increased social media follower numbers by over 3,000, and last year alone achieved 84 pieces of quality coverage across 20 countries.

Through this campaign we have attracted the attention of the Jacks of this world, while also being careful not to neglect John. We know that traditional media such as articles, roundtables and news releases are key to forming a well-rounded campaign that isn’t leaving any of your target markets out in the cold.

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