Written by Rosie Williams

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going,’ or so goes the 1985 Billy Ocean classic.

The current low oil price is certainly resulting in a tough global environment. But the industry is also tough, and OTC is a key event to demonstrate its resilience. It provides a platform to share learnings, technical knowledge and best practice to support oil and gas through these tough times and come out stronger.

But how can OTC’s attendees and exhibitors realise all that this show has to offer?

We have pulled together four top tips on how to ‘get tough’ and get the best out of this event:

  1. Get social – Social media offers an extended networking opportunity. Your peers and prospects are online waiting to be engaged with. Make sure your company, and your spokespeople are posting updates and images – attracting people at the event to your stand.
  2. Get approachable – There’s nothing more discouraging than walking past stands at a show to see company reps staring lazily into their Blackberry and squeezing on a branded stress-ball. You never know who might be walking by, so make sure your team are ready to impress throughout the show.
  3. Get partnering – Partner with the event’s PR and marketing team. They are there to make the show a success – that means making it a success for those involved! Get in touch and send them your press packs, along with any interesting information about goings on at your stand. They should promote it to the press attendees, include it in the show daily or share it across the event’s social media channels.
  4. Get exploring – Don’t plan back-to-back meetings. Being organised and planning meetings ahead of time is a sign of good preparedness, but make sure you leave time to explore the exhibition floor. A big part of the show is to support the sharing of technical knowledge, so take some time out to discover what’s new in your field of practice – what are your competitors and prospects up to?

Our Head of Oil and Gas, Laura Iley, will be attending OTC – supporting clients and talking with prospects. If you want to learn about how communications can be used to drive investment, generate leads and support business growth, email her on laura.iley@aspectuspr.com to arrange a meeting.

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