Written by Laura Iley

At Aspectus, we have been specialising in the oil and gas sector for many years and we have decided that now is the moment to expand our footprint by opening an office in Aberdeen to operate alongside our teams in London, Houston and Singapore.

It might sound like blind optimism, but we believe in the future of oil and gas.

That’s why we’ve recruited our team of sector specialists from within the industry. We hire creative, passionate, connected people who know the sector.

But we also understand that in today’s challenging environment, justifying spend on communications is incredibly tough. That’s why at Aspectus we don’t bill for time, we sell business outcomes and charge for the results achieved.

Aspectus offers a unique approach combining content, media and search with the latest analytics to measure the precise levels of engagement our campaigns create. Clients are given a transparent view of how their communications has increased audience engagement, which can be benchmarked against competitors and the wider market.

But even with this strong commercial approach from Aspectus on offer, some companies are nervous of investment in communications in the current climate.

Our performance-related approach underpins a return on investment, so the decision to maintain a communications presence is easier for our clients than it might otherwise be. We believe in what we do and we believe we can make a measurable difference to our clients’ businesses; so much so that we really do put our money where our mouth is.

This creative approach to communications, combined with our passion and experience, is what enables us to deliver measureable business outcomes.

The challenge for our clients now is maintaining their relevance in a changing market and protecting the value of their brands. We can help companies translate complex messages into powerful communications and use the most effective digital and mainstream channels available to reach their audience and motivate them to engage commercially.

If you’d like to know more about our oil and gas experience, meet our team, or just talk about your communications challenges, please contact me at laura.iley@aspectuspr.com.

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