Written by Megain Buchan

You never realise how challenging change is, until it happens. We are always told to embrace it, but sometimes we forget that with change, comes a sense of fear and uncertainty that you aren’t always prepared for. Making the jump from in-house to agency is not without its own set of ‘what-ifs’, but at a time when the oil and gas industry is constantly changing – why not change with it?

As an ex-client of Aspectus, I’ve worked in an in-house marketing and communications capacity for the last five years. The oil and gas industry is for all intents and purposes direct, traditional, and for some, stereotyped as old, so I knew moving to an agency was going to be diffrent.

First things first, it’s all about getting to know the Aspectus way. This agency is a different breed. It thrives on creative ideas, extremely talented people, and a vision to change the way its clients think about communications.

During my first week in the oil and gas team, there was a real adjustment to make. The office environment alone was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. There’s not only one client anymore, and I’m no longer the client. The pace is intense, but it’s exciting and there’s a real rush that comes with securing fantastic results.

The oil and gas industry is known for being ‘traditional’, but Aspectus is already creating original, engaging campaigns that challenge this somewhat dry preconception. After just a few days, I already know I’ve made the right decision. Where better to make the move than with those who have a) done it before and b) are experts in B2B communications?

Change is made easier by the people who support you through it and the Christmas party confirmed that Aspectus is nothing short of a family. Again, the festivities were like nothing I’ve experienced. There was an Alan Sugar ‘Apprentice’ style task, a Christmas quiz, ‘The 12 days of Aspectus’ and more than a few questionable dance moves.

Agency life is different, but in a really good way. I’m eager to learn how to create engaging communications strategies for clients, but even more so, I’m excited to deliver the results-based approach that makes Aspectus so different.

Change is great but as much as we’d like to think we are prepared for it, we aren’t. It hits us like a brick-wall of press releases, proofing and pitching. All I know is, I’m ready for more.

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