The fifth of our seven ages of business marketing is probably the most important in the success cycle of any new business. Get this bit right and you’re on the road to a successful exit.

With new investors applying pressure to hit revenue and profit targets, these goals become the be-all and end-all. There can be no compromises with people, products or customers. If deals have to be done to hit revenue targets, then that might mean squeezing costs to achieve profit numbers

You need the discipline and determination to see your existing plan through. It’s like being in a Roman galley – everyone has to row to the beat of the same drum. Otherwise it’s over the side you go – and best of luck with the sharks.

A big challenge at this stage is the fact that now you are the established player. The shoe is on the other foot: the smaller disruptors are snapping at your heels. They’re making their mark, starting to catch up maybe even ape what you’ve already said.

Now, because of the corporate machine behind you, it requires extra effort just to ensure that you’re different, creative and saying new things. Even though it’s hard, don’t succumb.

Now that you’ve invested in new branding, new messaging, a better website and so on, get on with the job! By now your communications should be operating at maximum capacity and sophistication. Every pound spent is geared towards creating a measureable engagement outcome.

It’s definitely not the moment to be revisiting core messages, changing communications strategy or rethinking your SEO. Of course everything will need tweaking, but knee-jerk reactions to market pressures or competitors should be avoided at this stage.

Remember – the finishing line is in sight. Stay tuned for age six!

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