Let’s look at your first growth for the second of our seven ages of business marketing.

The orders are starting to come in. You are hitting targets, the place is hopping, and you’re hiring!

But the money’s running out. You need to connect with potential investors and you don’t have the time to go round the houses. You appoint a fundraiser and first on the list is raising your profile and looking like a company that’s going places.

Start to think of your company as successful. Learn to punch above your weight. Client references or not, content is key. Develop provocative thought pieces. Don’t let yourself be vanilla. Be different. Get wedged into breaking news situations offering real opinions, not fence-sitting banalities. Your size is an advantage: you can be quicker and more radical than the big guys.

Take another look at your website and ask yourself: do we look like a company that’s ‘arrived’ or do we still look like a breathless startup? Be brutal in your judgment. Your prospects will be.  

Expand the range of search terms you cover and start thinking about awards and events but stay selective. You don’t need to spend big bucks on industry shows to get your prospects together.

Remember that communications is a means to an end. If it doesn’t make you famous in your market and generate engagement with your target audience, then what’s it for?

And guess what? Somebody out there likes you. Your fundraiser has found you another investor.

You move offices, hire new people and now you really get going.

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