Written by Jack Lewis

Having left university only a matter of weeks ago, Aspectus swooped in to save me from re-entering a world of 3pm wakeups and relentless box-sets, with the occasional job application sandwiched somewhere in between. Based in the trendy heartlands of Shoreditch, the Aspectus office is a place teeming with warm and engaging public relations professionals. In other words, it is the perfect place to start a career in PR.

Understandably, I was very nervous about working life as my time at university had instilled into me a sheer lack of practical skills. However, the environment that I walked into dissolved all those nerves. With an abundance of cakes awaiting my arrival (ok, it was actually for my Account Director’s birthday), the oil and gas team that I was assigned to wasted no time in getting me involved.

Within my first few hours, I was working on press releases for clients, fact-finding for briefings and even learning new jargon such as “forward features” and “op-eds”. Before the week was out, I had become experienced in coverage clippings and had proved that being proficient in Microsoft Excel wasn’t necessarily a fabrication that all graduates put on their CVs.

The PR industry is incredibly fast-paced and so for a young graduate starting out, the team at Aspectus is the ideal one to join. Everyone has taken their time to support and help me settle in. When being offered a task, I am given explanations as to what the aim of the task is and how it helps the client in the long run. Such measures will allow me to quickly develop an awareness of what the client requires as well as allowing my own communication skills to improve.

It is evident to me that I have become part of a team that is comfortable and joyful in the way it works. Every single person has been approachable and kind and I am looking forward to getting stuck in! 

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