Written by Rosie Williams

Having worked in the oil and gas industry for three years and never travelled up to Europe’s oil capital, Aberdeen, I was starting to feel like a bit of a fraud.

So when the time came to attend SPE Offshore Europe in the Granite City, I was very excited – and not just because of the haggis! I finally got to see first-hand how the North Sea community operates from the inside out, at one of the world’s largest dedicated industry events.

Anyone who has worked in the oil and gas industry will know that it is a tight-knit – but extremely welcoming – community. During the four-day event, the Aspectus team hosted a range of trade and national interviews, held numerous client meetings and met with several new prospects. And we learned about everything from operational excellence to ‘how to inspire the next generation’ in the specialist conference sessions.

Personally, I found the conference inspiring. Despite the tough times facing the industry, against the backdrop of sustained low oil prices, attendance for the show was the second highest on record – at 55,947.

This is an industry that has survived many downturns. And, as we have seen, crisis creates opportunity. For me, this key industry gathering represents a fantastic platform for the sector to share experience and lessons learned to secure its future – sending out a clear message of optimism and resilience.

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