By Arantxa SanchezAspectus PR - PR logo – Personally, my dream of living and working in New York City seemed farfetched. Nonetheless, I took a risk moving to the city, brimming with ambition. Fortunately, my internship at Aspectus PR has turned that ambition into the start of a great career.

In the beginning, it was difficult to grasp the reality of interning in NYC and learning to fall into a daily routine, especially when it’s considered ‘the Capital of the World’. This would be my fourth internship. I felt prepared and accepted the responsibilities and tasks that came with the job. The difference being that, unlike any of my past internships, I finally attained a real hands-on experience in the public relations field.

I have garnered valuable insights from my colleagues about the PR industry. I continue to develop and broaden my communication skills through my daily contributions; from creating press lists to pitching to reporters. I have become increasingly familiar with Aspectus’ specialties in financial services and technology and the variety of ways in which we can help our clients grow.

Each day, I communicate using a variety of mediums, by drafting social media content, contacting publications and sharing information found from research. These tasks – no matter how big or small – make a real difference in keeping our clients satisfied with the work that we do.

I am looking forward to what’s next to come as I dig my hands into the business aspects of PR. I will continue to demonstrate my willingness to learn and grow professionally, as well as delivering valuable work to the team. I am keen to keep building strong relationships with clients and reporters, and to contribute towards business development.

Every day is a new learning experience, thanks to my coworkers. My colleagues continue to provide me with valuable insights that will serve me well in my PR career. There are four particular words that help to describe my feelings of the past four months: ‘I love my job!’

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