Recruiting in tech PR is always a pain. You could be forgiven for asking why, given that the sector is seemingly rammed full of people. And maybe it is; but I don’t want just any old people. I want the brightest, the funniest (GSOH is a must) and the best. And to be frank, these people are not so easy to find. Perhaps it is simply that people are happy where they are. There’s no shame in that. Or perhaps it is that people aren’t sure what the world outside their current position has to offer. If you fall into the latter category, then I would like to offer up three key reasons why Aspectus PR could be an excellent home for you:

  • Ambitious? Fab. Just what I want. I can’t offer you the big boys of IT to work on, but I can offer you the opportunity to help me build a global tech practice that in a couple of years time will mean we can pitch for those big brands – and win!
  • Fighting long and hard for a piece of coverage that really makes a difference to a client’s business is extremely rewarding. Not everyone has massive budgets, but there’s nowt wrong with that as it engenders a need to tap-in to your creative side.
  • We really are rather nice. Of course, everyone says that. But creating a nice place to work was one of the main reasons why our Global Group Director set up Aspectus. So not only is it one of our core values, it’s on the wall and everything.

If you like the sound of this and think you’ve got what it takes, please check out this blog and get in touch with me –

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