Certainly it was personal. In his Conservative Party Conference speech, the prime minister suggested that Mr Hunt had had a privileged upbringing and was therefore being hypocritical by opposing the government’s free school policy.

Cue one understandably furious Tristram Hunt.

But it took him several days to come up with a suitably savage riposte. He obviously gave a great deal of thought to the matter. After all, he needed an insult so foul that it would breach the prime minister’s notoriously thick skin and really hit the man where it hurt.

But on Sunday, when Mr Hunt’s devastating reply was finally delivered, it was a little baffling.

Mr Cameron, he said, was just a “low-rent PR man.”

Well, speaking as a reasonable-rent PR man of some experience, I have to say that I never realised that my occupation could be deployed as a term of abuse. Low-rent politician, however, does have rather a good ring to it.

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