Rejoice! The US Federal Government no longer has a monopoly on the production of space shuttles. In the latest step in the hollowing out of the state by the hiring of sub-contracted companies, NASA is relying on private industries to provide it with all future space shuttle technology.

Why should you rejoice? Because this is the most exciting news since Apple created a button to remove U2’s latest album from your iTunes library. It has a huge impact on the world marketplace and is the first step towards a full-blown revolution for the way in which we think about travel.

That’s right. We’re talking about space travel: the first or final frontier? With NASA offering contracts to private technology companies to design and construct space shuttles, we are seeing this technology move from the top secret and confidential Federal confines to the competitive, privatised marketplace. In fact, since NASA announced the end of its last space shuttle launch in 2011, the market has shot into orbit.

As of 2012, Boeing, SpaceX, Space Adventures, and Excalibur Almaz have been working on the creation of new space shuttle technology. There have also been plans for new space hotels, with motel tycoon Robert Bigelow and Space Island Group putting forward their designs with ambitions for initial prototypes by 2020. Let us also not forget the current boom in the sub-orbital flight industry, which includes the industry leader, Richard Branson, and his appropriately named Virgin Galactic.

Space is set to become the new fascination. Soon people will be clamouring to trade in their swimwear for space wear. Why? Because today a sub-orbital flight would cost you between $250,000 and $1,000,000, but this will drop dramatically. As free market economics has shown time and time again, no single company can sustain an unrivalled hold on the marketplace. In the same way that Southwest Airlines crept up and undercut its largest competitors in 1967, the current hold on the market will be disrupted.

The engineering team here at Aspectus PR is incredibly excited about this latest development. And you should be too. Not only will we soon see cheaper space travel, but we will also see new attention to space-proof technology. We will see changes that affect our everyday life, and technology that challenges all the limitations that we have put on our existence.

Now the emphasis will be placed on PR and communications to push for an increase in the marketplace and to sell space as ‘sexy’, rather than ‘inhospitable and deadly’. Rest assured, it may take 50 or even 100 years, but eventually space will be both exotic and more affordable for the consumer. And once it is exotic, the industry will establish a new frontier, and perhaps we will see the first tourists to Mars. The ball is already rolling, the monopoly has been defeated, and the demand is there. The only question left is who is going to sell space?

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