FIA rightly has a good reputation for hosting valuable, interesting events, and last week’s affair was no exception. Aspectus PR was there supporting some clients, seeing some of the key media we deal with and with our ears pressed to the ground on the hot topics of the day.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the big focus was on clearing. Recent regulatory change has thrust this previously little discussed aspect of the trading process to the top of the agenda. The subject spawned a number of lively panel sessions, and even (in the midst of the football World Cup excitement), a spot of tennis, in the form of a debate on interest rate swaps hosted by Equinix.

Beyond clearing, the other area taking the spotlight in a way it hasn’t previously was talent – or more pertinently – the continual need to attract new talent into the industry. People are rightly preoccupied with ensuring the industry does its own PR to ensure the best of the next generation comes its way, rather than being lured towards the bright lights of Google and Twitter. It’s an interesting communications challenge. We’ve recently seen a lot of activity from the innovative fintech start-ups that can prove so attractive to the sort of people we’re looking to attract. But the key is making sure that these ripples are felt in the right waters. Certainly, there are individual initiatives, and hats off to the chaps at John Lothian for their scheme that sees them hosting sessions for interns with interesting speakers, the next of which is in London. But this is clearly only part of the solution and the industry as a whole would do well to turn its head to others.

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