During the joint summary session on the final day, Conference Director Nigel Blackaby urged energy players to work more closely with PR companies to make their views more accessible and visible to both decision-makers and the general public.

The industry is experiencing an ‘unprecedented era of change’, with the integration of renewables, the security of energy supply and new disruptive technologies and players all in play. Yet there was a strong feeling on the show floor that the industry is currently operating in a ‘silo’, with key decisions being taken at European level for political rather than commercial or technical reasons, placing the stability and reliability of energy supply across Europe at risk.

Referencing Aspectus PR’s work with POWER-GEN Europe’s advisory board for what has proved an extremely successful PR campaign, Blackaby said that it was vital energy players work more closely with communications professionals to ensure that their opinions were heard.

Aspectus generated a series of issues-focused, by-lined and roundtable articles for POWER-GEN Europe that achieved widespread coverage in publications such as the Energy Economist, Energy Digital, Enterprising Energy and The European.

It is quite unusual for PR to come to the forefront of a debate such as the one in Cologne, where POWER-GEN and Renewable Energy World Europe brought energy companies, industry professionals and government officials together from across Europe to address topical issues critical to the development of the continent’s power generation.

But with the future of Europe’s power industry at stake and many questions still unanswered, it is clear that the power of PR, messaging and communications cannot be underestimated.

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