And for the recovering renewables industry this has never been truer. During the dip of recent years a lot of companies got their heads down, tightened their belts and focused on keeping afloat during the recession.

But now investor confidence is growing and more companies are looking to build on the strengths they have developed while weathering the storm of the last few years. As such, more companies are now in a position to build on their media presence and have been incubating some great stories.

This is setting many firms in the renewables space up for a PR battle with their direct competitors and others in the space wishing to speak on the same topics.

The key to winning this battle lies in creating hard hitting messaging that crystallises all that is complex about your business in a simple way and making it:

  • Easy for your spokespeople to communicate to the media
  • Easy for the media to interpret your stance for its audience
  • Easy for your prospects to remember and relate back to you

If you need help developing your messaging – contact us. We’ll also be at POWER-GEN Europe on 3–6 June; so if you’re in Cologne, please get in touch to arrange a time to speak to us at the conference.

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