At Aspectus PR we often talk about the need for specialist sector knowledge within creative teams – be they in-house or agency.

It was our knowledge of the energy market and our understanding of the Carbon Floor Price that enabled us to run an effective rapid-response campaign following the budget this week.

Alongside this sector knowledge, we also believe it’s vital to have that knowledge escalating up the team through the sign off process. After all, there would be no point in us having an account executive who is an energy market expert, if it arrives on the desk of a senior manager outside of the sector team at the final stage of sign off who couldn’t tell a pylon from a phone mast.

It was with interest then, that we saw that Tesco is pulling one of its latest ads for milk due to the picture showing the wrong type of cows (beef instead of dairy!).

In the case of sector knowledge and diligent sign off, every little certainly would have helped!

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