Aside from having to deal with an itchy addition to our faces, we’ve had to endure all manner of slings and arrows from friends and loved ones who have been less than impressed with our efforts. The women in our lives have been especially cruel, with the mother of one American Aspectee commenting “I always believed you could do anything, until you tried to grow a moustache.”

However, as the weeks wore on and the moustaches took shape, some Aspectus WAGs even started approving of their partner’s facial hair, with one Aspectee garnering comparisons to legendary TV presenter and moustache icon Des Lynam. Another girlfriend, noting the bushy nature of her boyfriend’s moustache exclaimed, ‘You could clean your shoes with that,’ a statement that he chose to take as a compliment.

Movember does seem to bring out the backhanded compliment in people and the three-and-a-half year old daughter of our Global Group Director came up with the pick of the bunch when she said, “I like your hair daddy, can you put some on your head?”

Despite faint praise from some quarters, none of the team won ‘best moustache’ at the inter-agency Movember pub quiz at The White Hart last Wednesday. Nevertheless, we did win the jackpot round and £100 towards the Movember cause.

Thanks to FleishmanHillard for organising the event, a good night was had by all. Thanks also to everyone that has donated to the Aspectus team over the course of the last month. Your generosity is appreciated, and we’re delighted to announce that we have beaten last year’s total.

With the first chocolates being prised from the office advent calendars, the time has come to bid farewell to Movember and after a swift Sunday shave, all that we have left of our moustaches are our memories (well most of us anyways…)

And, of course, the final round of progress shots:

Movember 2013 Week 4

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