Movember is an astonishing phenomenon. It was started in a pub (where else?) in Melbourne, Australia and, in its relatively short lifespan (10 years) has not only raised millions, but had a profound cultural and sociological impact. Every man has probably asked himself the question, ‘Can I grow a moustache?’ and now they have an event that gives them a perfectly valid excuse to try. Last year, in the UK alone, an estimated 363,000 people took part, raising £26.9 million. In addition, men and women in 21 countries across the globe raised over £65 million for charities associated with men’s health. A less important, but still impressive impact is the role Movember has played in bringing the moustache back into fashion. Many men start in November and continue to sport their moustaches well into December and beyond. What’s more, we are now also surrounded by Movember memorabilia, the event having spawned a whole new market, which appears to be booming. Aside from the impact of donations, one of the most significant aspects of Movember is how it has altered the mindset of men regarding their personal health. Again, last year’s statistics show the extent of this change: of the participants surveyed, 69% had a general check up with their doctor; 79% discussed their health with friends, family, and colleagues; and 70% talked about specific men’s health issues. If you’re not convinced by Movember’s own statistics, the incredible story of Dr Bill Blazey is a fantastic personal account of just how important the charity is. Movember is a great example of how humour can be used to tackle a tricky, taboo subject and although here at Aspectus PR we are having a lot of fun taking part, we would also like to raise money for this great cause. We would therefore really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to donate to our team. And now… to the all important photos charting the progress of the Aspectus men:

Movember Aspectus PR

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