Tech for Good ChellengeBack in October, Aspectus PR joined Big Issue Invest to celebrate the successful conclusion of its ‘Tech for Good Challenge’. For Big Issue Invest, the moment marked the completion of the first of a planned series of Corporate Social Venture initiatives where big businesses invest time and money to guide entrepreneurs through an investment competition. For Aspectus it represented the latest step in our commitment to supporting young entrepreneurs. With the dust settled, Aspectus met Big Issue Invest for a drink last week to reminisce on the Tech for Good Challenge and its PR successes.

Aspectus got involved with Big Issue Invest earlier this year. Our first task was to promote the Tech for Good Challenge and in a welcome but unusual step for Aspectus, we worked alongside a number of other agencies. Taking a coordinating role, Aspectus was tasked with organising media outreach across the multi-agency team and liaising with Big Issue Invest and a number of the winning ventures to tease out a great story.

As well as coordinating energies across the agencies, we secured a number of key media hits including Wired, IT Pro and an interview with Big Issue Invest’s CEO Nigel Kershaw in London Loves Business.

Mayhul Gondhea, Programme Manager at Big Issue Invest said: ‘It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Aspectus. The quality of work produced was of an extremely high standard, they showed professionalism throughout the engagement and were very flexible in their approach to dealing with changes in the project. I would be delighted to work with them again.’

Working with entrepreneurs is always exciting, and always something we value at Aspectus, having worked in the past with the likes of eToro, Knowsis, Eagle Alpha and Simeio. Not only does their energy and strength of vision make the entrepreneurs behind these companies great to work with from a PR perspective, but they also represent our future (and current) business leaders and are making a real difference to the business landscape.

Congratulations are in order to both Big Issue Invest for the success of the Tech for Good Challenge, and to the ventures who won mentorship and investment as a result. Based on the success of the Tech for Good Challenge, fingers are crossed that Big Issue Invest will be back in the future with further CSV initiatives, and Aspectus PR would be thrilled to work with them again.

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