If there is one thing we’ve learnt from Movember here at Aspectus it’s that few people can carry off a moustache. This is largely because they are so unpredictable. Even the most barrel-chested alpha male may struggle to grow more than a few sparse bristles and even the raven haired may find evidence of their Scottish heritage sprouting from their facial follicles.

Having said that, there are steps men can take to tame their facial hair and keep it in check. With this is mind we have compiled a handy guide of what not to do this Movember…

Movember tips moustache 2   DON’T feel the need to match your hair to your moustache
Movember tips moustache 3   The same applies to body hair…
Movember tips moustache 4   DON’T copy the style of a teen sensation, even if he does have 46 million+ Twitter followers
Movember tips moustache 5   DON’T spend too much time on it
Movember tips moustache 1   DON’T apply Miracle Grow

The Aspectus men may have already committed some face crimes themselves, judge for yourselves below…

Aspectus PR Movember 2013 Week 2

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