Written by Brendan Beaver

After graduating at the end of May from The University of Scranton, I found myself either sitting on the couch watching too much TV or mixing concrete on a construction site

I’m the type of person that enjoys keeping busy and being around people, so to say the least the summer of 2013 and post-graduate life was proving dull. However, while looking through various networking and job search engine websites, I saw a LinkedIn post for Aspectus PR – a three-month internship learning the ropes of how the PR world works – and knew immediately that this would be the perfect start for me.

Having been successful in my application, I arrived at the train station 35 minutes early on my first day only to realize I’d forgotten my jacket and had two different colored socks on. However, I was soon mixing it up as the latest intern at one of New York’s leading specialist agencies. I’m working across both financial services and technology accounts, learning everything from broker-dealer lingo to the importance of a reliable printer. My role includes creating media lists, briefing books and supporting social media campaigns.

Crucially, I’m really starting to grasp what the varied demands of PR are and what needs to be done to meet and exceed client expectations. Indeed, I’d go so far as to say I gained more knowledge in my first week here at Aspectus than I did during my entire internship two summers ago.

The Aspectus Team has a diverse group of personalities that make it easier on the intern. They are easy to approach as well as mindful of your work load. They have provided me with great knowledge of how the PR world works and I’m looking forward to learning everything Aspectus has to offer.

Needless to say, after the nerves and anxiousness of the first day wore off, I’ve since been able to properly pick out socks of the same color and remember to bring a jacket…


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