Movember has returned. For those unaware of Movember, it’s an international charity event where men are sponsored to grow a moustache to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer and men’s mental health issues. All funds raised are spent combating these conditions.

Last year the team struggled through the month with mixed success but raised a tidy sum thanks to generous family members, friends and clients. This year we have a number of new recruits in our midst and we have high hopes our final total will be higher.

We will track the team’s progress on the Aspectus blog so keep an eye out over the coming weeks to see who looks like Ron and who just looks wrong. Here are the team’s clean-shaven chops on day 1:

Aspectus PR Movember 2013

Bill Penn Movember 2013  Incredibly on day one of Movember our intrepid leader, Bill Penn, was already sporting a lustrous black ‘tache. He has sportingly decided not to take part in the rest of the event lest he discourage the rest of the men in the office.

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