So far we’ve looked at preparing for a press interview (Part I) and hosting a press interview (Part II). However, the post-interview follow-up with the client and the journalist are arguably the most important parts of the interview process if you are to successfully convert your efforts into quality content and coverage.

With the client, the post-interview process should focus on pinpointing what went well during the conversation and building-out any points of clarification for the journalist. It is also good to discuss areas for improvement. In other words, de-brief the client fully, and let them know how you thought the interview went, identify any new messages or points that seemed to resonate well or that might be used in future campaigns, refresh on media tips that may or may not have been followed to lay the foundation for a smoother conversation next time.

The post-interview process with the journalist should focus on ensuring that they have everything needed to get the story over the line. Send the journalist any necessary supporting images, title confirmations, and remember to offer to quote or fact check. You should also find out what the publication’s timeframe is, so that any additional follow-up items and sharing of coverage is done as quickly as possible.

Quality coverage

As PR professionals, we cannot guarantee our clients that each and every interview will result in coverage. However, with careful planning, clear and timely communication, and a bit of PR savvy applied at each phase of the interview process, it is possible to give both the journalist and the client what they need to ensure the best outcome for all.

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