The Aspectus team headed out to Holborn’s All Star Lanes recently to welcome James Reynolds in his new role as Account Manager. James brings with him a wealth of PR knowledge and has already proven to be a valuable addition to the FS team (even if not on the bowling lanes!).

The trash-talk had been flying across the office all week, and only intensified as the boys lined up against the girls and collected the evening’s questionable footwear. James made an immediate impact in the boy’s lane with a quick-fire spare, before ending on a respectable 85, while the indomitable Amy (undisputed Aspectus bowling champion) recovered from a stuttering start to take the overall honours with 107.

Luckily for the boys, just as James faltered, Garry and Ian (the slayers of pins) were in the ascendancy and, despite Amy’s devastating action backed by valiant efforts from Jess and Mariko, the girls couldn’t pip the boys to the post.

After the dust had settled, so too did the Aspectus team, replenishing the energy stocks (and rehydrating) with a meal and cocktails. With James still getting to know the office, and Head of North America Steph Johnson over from New York, it was a great opportunity for the ever-expanding Aspectus family to spend some time getting to know each other. Meanwhile, Global Group Director Alastair Turner presided over the evening, supping cocktails from a crystal skull like an affable Bond villain.

The next day at Aspectus Towers, the colourful drinks gave way to the usual teas and coffees as the focus switched back from bowling balls to making calls.

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