Communication Aspectus PRWe do this daily, whether with the media, our colleagues or most importantly, our clients. Managing these relationships effectively however, can sometimes prove challenging.

One of the most essential elements is consistent communication. Today, we have a vast array of mediums at our disposal and, as PR professionals, it’s up to us to determine not only the most appropriate for a given situation, but also the mediums each client prefers. Some like to talk over the phone every day, others prefer email. Likewise, some want to focus purely on business, whereas others enjoy a more relaxed conversation involving their children or the weather.

Strong relationships are also developed by being available for clients and proving to them that you truly understand their needs and business goals. The ability to discern what clients actually want from what they are asking for is crucial, since there is often a subtle difference. At Aspectus for example, we make it a priority to understand the business of our client’s business. Being fully versed in their objectives and the markets in which they operate ensures we are in the best position to help guide their strategic communications decisions, as well as be proactive in presenting them with potential opportunities as they arise.

Naturally, some clients are tougher to please than others. Here, great diplomacy and patience are vital, but it is important to always keep the best interest of their business as the focus and remain steadfast in achieving great results.

Ultimately, managing client relationships comes down to treating everyone honestly, fairly and as valued partners. As such, we have established a culture whereby everyone at Aspectus understands the importance of client relationships. We know that communicating with them clearly and effectively is just as important as when we’re dealing with the media and each other. And we know this because being expert communicators is our business.

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