Do you speak werewolf? If you are familiar with the recent AT&T “It’s Not Complicated” commercials, then it’s possible that you just might.

And although they may seem a little off the wall, we are not the only ones that happen to think they’re genius.

The commercials focus on a group of children having a “which is better?” conversation with an adult. The questions asked of the children are basic. Is it better to be fast or slow? Is bigger better? Do you like more or less? The kids provide honest, simple and sometimes downright funny answers that come straight from the heart. They don’t mention AT&T in their responses, and cell phones and wireless networks don’t come into it until the very end.

Indeed, the little girl is convinced the questioning is referring to a werewolf, because if you’re fast, you won’t be bitten by one! Little does she realize that the entire commercial is actually chock full of discreet AT&T messaging, which raises an interesting question regarding brand awareness: Does your main company message or service have to be present each time you advertise, or is it reinforced more subtly by its absence?

In the case of a household name such as AT&T, messaging doesn’t have to be so overt. But that’s not to say that this strategy will work for every firm. For those with less brand recognition, the danger is that the “Hey, have you seen that AT&T commercial?” would instead be “Hey, you know that commercial with the kids?”

Certainly, it’s possible to run a successful campaign that focuses more on concept than message, or vice versa. What’s clear however is that before words are written or concepts are created, it is critical to carefully consider your market presence and how your brand is perceived. Only then can you determine just how creative you can be.

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