Wealth Managers and IFAs have a great opportunity to use PR to reach out to younger clients. But only if they communicate in the right way about issues that really matter to the under 35s with good lifetime earnings potential or inheritance coming their way sooner or later. Here are Aspectus PR’s hot tips for grabbing the attention of the prospective high net worth Generation X and Y individuals:

  • Start with a blank sheet of paper. Messages and issues that chime with older, long established clients won’t work with younger people. Don’t just repackage your current PR or brand values.
  • Get them to trust you by showing you share their perspective on the world and talk their language. That means being open, accessible and explaining things in simple, everyday terms without ever being patronising.
  • Accept that Generation X and Y don’t see life like their parents. They don’t do careers and long-term planning. They want choice and the freedom to change their lives at any point and as for old age… well, they probably don’t even want to think about that. To them there is just near future and medium-term future.
  • Live in their world. They like technology, easy access to information (ideally via a mobile) and instant answers to questions. They don’t want to talk to men in suits with briefcases. They’d probably prefer to deal with someone not much older than them through an iPad or Skype.
  • They have lived through the worst recession in history. They have seen the banking system collapse and they have witnessed entire countries going bust. They get the idea that nothing is for certain in this world and that nothing is guaranteed much more clearly than the older generation who are still in a state of shock. They understand the notion of risk… and they don’t trust institutions one bit.

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