On Thursday, April 4th the growing Aspectus New York office hosted its second annual Media Party at Flute Gramercy – just blocks away from the soon-to-be-new New York office. This year’s guest of honor was Aspectus PR’s Global Group Director Bill Penn who crossed the Atlantic to share in the festivities and experience the Aspectini (an apple martini with a lemon twist) firsthand.

50 guests joined in the revelry, including business media such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones and CNBC and industry publications like Financial Planning, On Wall Street, AdvisorOne, Waters Technology, Bank Systems & Technology, Bank Innovation, Wall Street Letter and Markets Media. Local and far flung clients also joined the mix including, NICE Actimize, Asset Control, Fidessa, Quadron Data Solutions, G2 FinTech, EcoSys, HedgeOp Compliance/The IMS Group, eFront, Kx Systems, RES Software, and Sammons Retirement Solutions.

To add to the fun of the evening, our clients helped us raffle off prizes – champagne, fine wine, a Broadway show, a New York Harbor flight and Amazon and Starbucks gift cards.

Having these companies all in one room and being at the center of it reminded us of just one of our roles as a PR firm, and that is to help connect intelligent and knowledgeable sources with thoughtful journalists looking to tell unique and compelling stories. And as a connector between clients and the media, we have taken on a real responsibility to help these clients make their business stories newsworthy and ensure both sides are getting the most out of the relationship. For our media, that’s access to creative ideas, timely news angles and strong sources. For our clients, that’s strategic positioning, messaging and an understanding of how to be a good source.

In most cases, love triangles are doomed to fail. But three is company when the right people are connected and all working toward a shared goal. What’s more, that strategy allows us to be more than just a connecter for our clients. We strive to work with them as partners in achieving their larger business, marketing and communication objectives truly making business news.

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